One Honey Boutique will keep a Dress Register for every occasion, including Weddings and School Formals and Birthday events.

Most of the Dresses sold at One Honey are exclusive to our store and cant be found anywhere else! 

  • Our register is updated daily, please check only before you are about to place your order and pay for your Gown
  • Event information is required for all Online or In-Store orders with us
  • Our register for 2023 has already started
  • Our register for 2024 has also already started
  • Our register is kept by Event Date and Location - yes we register for every event! Weddings, Gala Dinners/Charity Functions and School Formals
  • Dresses are only Registered once the order is paid in full to us
  • Our Register remains Confidential at all times, we will not disclose who is wearing what Dress for that event, only that the colour/style is taken
  • We will only sell 1 Dress per colour/style, per event
  • Other girls may wear the same colour in a different style
  • Each Dress we sell has a unique name and can be easily identified
  • Your purchase registers only that 1 colour/style, not the whole design and not that colour in all Designs
  • Dresses are processed by purchase date with our store
  • Item must be purchased directly from One Honey to be eligible for being Registered
  • Dresses can be Registered for 1 Event within 12 months of purchase
  • Dresses purchased/rented or borrowed elsewhere are not allowed to use our images on their School Reserve Page
  • School Formal customers are required to add an image from our website, for the dress they have purchased in their exact colour only on to their School Facebook page/instagram. This can potentially help avoid double ups, especially when people may hire or buy a secondhand Gown as that is outside our control.
  • One Honey is not responsible if you decide not to follow our instructions.  
One Honey has the final say on what dress will be sold to what event, we will not allow any students to have discussions around who may or may not wear our designs.
If anyone is found to be doing this please notify us.