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Care Instructions




  • If you order is for a School Formal Dress we request your Parent or Guardian is present when you open your delivery 
  • Please ensure you are fresh from a shower, no deodorant, tan or moisturiser
  • Please ensure you are not wearing any Jewellery such as rings, bracelets or necklace that can catch on your Dress
  • Make sure you have nice clean, dry hands
  • Please try your Dress on 1 time to ensure the fit is good
  • Have someone else zip you in and out of your Dress, or lace your corset
  • Please refrain from continuously trying on your Dress as you want it to remain in perfect condition for your special event 
  • Keep all tags attached on your Dress, including any special packaging 
  • Should you need to exchange this item you have 2 days from receipt of your item to contact us, please review our returns policy here




  • Do not spray perfume onto your Dress
  • If your Dress features a Corset do not over tighten it as it could damage your Dress
  • Always have someone else zip and lace you into your Dress, do not over lace your Dress as it could be damaged by doing this
  • When choosing a Clutch Bag make sure it is smooth underneath and hold it away from your Dress
  • Glitter or Sequin Dresses are designed to be super sparkly, some Glitter/Sequin loss can occur and this is not considered a fault
  • Silky Dresses consist of Satin or Lycra materials these are the most delicate materials and extra care must be taken
  • Always keep Silky Gowns away from Sequin or other Materials that could snag on your Dress
  • If your Dress is being stored for some time please keep it in a cool dark place
  • If you are storing your Dress please double loop the straps or using the hanging ribbons (except if the straps are beaded)
  • We suggest ordering one of our protective Garment Bags from our Gold Coast Showroom or online
  • Your Dress may require steaming prior to your event to ensure they look perfect, some fabrics will crease during transport/shipping
  • When steaming your Dress, steam from the inside out, and do not steam anything that features Glitter or Glued on embellishments
  • Do not dry clean your Dress, spot clean with a damp cloth