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Care Instructions



  • If you're getting a School Formal Dress, it's a great idea to have a parent or guardian present when you open your delivery

  • Maintain personal cleanliness, avoiding deodorants, tanning lotions, or moisturisers that may stain or affect the fabric

  • Take off jewellery before handling the dress to prevent snagging the fabric of your dress

  • Ensure your hands are nice and clean and dry

  • Try on your dress once to check the fit and then hang it appropriately

  • Ask someone to help zip you in and out of your dress or lace your corset, most dresses require you have the assistance of another person to put on

  • Avoid trying on your dress repeatedly to keep it in perfect condition for your special event, especially if its a tight fitting stretch fabric or delicate

  • Keep all tags attached to your dress, including any special packaging

  • If you need to exchange your item, you have 2 days from receiving it to contact us

  • Please review our returns policy first to ensure your full price item meets our return requirements


  • Avoid spraying perfume onto your Dress

  • If your Dress features a Corset, do not over tighten it as it could damage your Dress

  • Always have someone else zip and lace you into your Dress; do not over-lace your Dress as it could be damaged by doing this

  • Get help with zipping or lacing to avoid strain on delicate closures, invisible zippers and beadwork to zip edges

  • When choosing a Clutch Bag, make sure it is smooth underneath and hold it away from your Dress

  • Keep Silky Gowns away from Sequin or other materials that could snag on your Dress

  • When storing your Dress, consider double-looping the straps or using the hanging ribbons (except if the straps are beaded)

  • Store your dress in a cool, dark place if not worn for some time

  • We suggest ordering one of our breathable protective Garment Bags from our Gold Coast Showroom or via our website

  • Your Dress may require steaming before your event to ensure it looks perfect; some fabrics may crease during transport/shipping

  • Please ensure you only used distilled water in your steamer

  • When steaming your Dress, steam from the inside out, top down

  • Avoid steaming or hot ironing areas with glued-on embellishments like beads, sequins, or glitter, as this may cause them to loosen the glue or fall off

  • Steam your dress a few days prior to your event and let it hang in a safe space

  • Follow care tag instructions when present, if none do not dry clean your Dress; spot clean with a damp cloth



  • Delicate, sheer fabric made from silk, rayon, and synthetic materials like nylon
  • Known for its ethereal quality, lightweight texture, and flowy nature
  • Often chosen for evening wear and bridesmaid dresses to add a whimsical touch



  • Versatile knit fabric crafted from materials like cotton, wool, or blends (polyester, linen, silk, or rayon)
  • Loved for its warmth, flexibility, and softness
  • Ideal for evening wear due to its stretchy composition and flattering drape
  • Easy to travel with as it has limited folding and creasing



  • One of the most delicate materials, more care needs to be taken due to this
  • Luxurious fabric made from silk, rayon, acetate, nylon, or blends
  • Features a smooth, glossy surface that elegantly drapes over the body
  • Preferred for formal evening gowns, emanating sophistication and grace



  • Dazzling embellishments made from plastic or metal, carefully applied atop various fabrics
  • Adds glamour and sparkle to evening gowns made of cotton, silk, wool, or synthetics
  • Glitter or Sequin Dresses are designed to be super sparkly; some Glitter/Sequin loss can occur, and this is not considered a fault



  • Commonly featured on Formal and Prom dresses, brings an enchanting shimmer to your attire
  • These tiny reflective embellishments, crafted from plastic or metal, adorn the dress, creating a mesmerizing sparkle that catches and reflects light
  • Glitter or Sequin Dresses are designed to be super sparkly; some Glitter/Sequin loss can occur, and this is not considered a fault



  • Ultra-fine, sheer fabric composed of silk, nylon, polyester, or rayon
  • Recognisable by its hexagonal holes and commonly used in top dress layers
  • Provides volume, texture, and an ethereal quality to formal wear ensembles
  • If your gown has many layers these all need to be individually steamed and fluffed so the gown sits correctly