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Any advice given by One Honey staff regarding alterations is of a general nature. It's always recommended to conduct your own research and obtain pricing and quotes directly from the alterations experts. This allows you to gather accurate and up-to-date information regarding the specific alterations you require, as well as the associated costs.

Here are some key points to keep in mind regarding gown alterations:

  1. Timeframe:

    • Ensure you allow sufficient time for the alterations to be completed.
    • During the peak bridal/formal season, it's recommended to allow 6-8 weeks or more for the work to be done.
    • During off-peak seasons, 4 weeks should be sufficient.
  2. Contacting Alterations Experts:

    • The contact information for preferred alterations experts has been provided to you.
    • It's advisable to reach out to them directly to discuss your requirements and schedule an appointment.
  3. Pricing:

    • The alterations experts will determine the pricing based on labor time and materials required.
    • They usually don't provide quotes over the phone since they need to examine your dress and shoes in person to assess the necessary alterations.
    • It's a good idea to obtain quotes from multiple experts or check if there is an alterations service available in a nearby Westfield Shopping Centre.
  4. Specific alterations:

    • In cases where a dress has a non-adjustable pulley system for the strap, it might be necessary to alter it down to the shoulder height to prevent slipping. Consequently, some straps may appear longer to accommodate this adjustment.
    • If you plan to wear heels with your gown, bring them along during the fitting to ensure the hemline sits correctly with your shoes.
    • In most Dresses they feature a shall bust cup, you may prefer to have a Bridal Bust Cup added for extra shelf support and the position of the cup can be placed to your chest area
  5. Utilizing leftover fabric:

    • Request the alterations experts to keep any leftover fabric from the hemline.
    • You can use it to make a matching pocket square or even a mask if desired.

Remember, it's important not to leave gown alterations until the last minute, as alterations experts tend to have busy schedules, particularly during peak seasons. Plan ahead and allow ample time for the alterations to be completed to ensure a perfect fit for your special occasion.

We suggest using one of our protective garment bags and double lopping your straps (exclusive of beaded styles) to ensure your Gown is protected whilst left at the Alterations person.

Please note that the provided list of suggested alterations experts is not exhaustive, and it's recommended to verify details and obtain specific information and prices relevant to your individual circumstances. This will help you make informed decisions and ensure that the gown alterations meet your expectations and budget.








Sylvia Clothing Alterations

Unit 12

38-40 Thomas Drive

Chevon Island QLD 4217

07 5592 3794 




Looksmart Alterations

Shop 1504

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach QLD 4218

07 5526 1635



Rosine Jaoude

Unit 3

51 Greenmeadow Road

Mansfield QLD 4122

0420 284 643



Rachel's Custom Sewing

2 Percy Street Newtown

Toowoomba QLD 4350

0419 654 723


Please let them know you are a One Honey customer when booking your appointment ;)